Speaking & Events

Past Speaking Engagements

May 5, 2023. “Dangerous Liaisons: Understanding the Damage Done by Sexual Boundary Violations in Psychotherapy” with Dr. Christine Courtois. Co-presenter for Society of the Advancement of Sexual Health CEU class.

December 4, 2022. “The Last Taboo:  Analyzing the Ethical Dilemmas Surrounding Boundary Violations” with Dr. Christine Courtois. Guest Speaker for the Stacia I Memorial   Ethics Conference.  Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis.  

November 29 ,2022.  “Breaches in Treatment:  Boundary Violations”. Guest speaker for the Washington Baltimore Center for Psychoanalysis – class on Role, Task, and Boundary Class with Dr. Nancy Ingraham.  

October 31, 2019.  “Therapeutic Lessons from Persephone:  Goddess of Spring and Queen of the Underworld.” Performance Art piece presented at the American Art Therapy National Conference:  Celebrate 50 Years of Healing Through Art Therapy, Kansas City, Missouri.

August 22,2018.  “Images from the Body Mind.”  Transformational Healing Conference: Creativity, Consciousness, and Connection in Challenging Times, Santa Fe, NM. (Keynote Speaker – Shaun McNiff, Ph.D.)

July 21, 2017 “Healing Sexual Compulsivity through Intimate Connection.” Transformational Healing Conference:  Wellness in a Culture of Addiction, Santa Fe, NM. (Keynote Speaker – Gabor Mate, M.D.)

June 12, 2015 “Creating From Source:  Awakening the Artist Within.”  Skagway, Alaska.

May 21-22, 2015 “Healing the Dark Places Within:  From Shame to Self-Love.” Workshop hosted by Elements Behavioral Health, Santa Fe, NM and Albuquerque, NM.

August 20, 2014  “Healing the Dark Places Within:  From Shame to Self-Love.” Transformational Healing Conference:  Consciousness and Compulsivity, Santa Fe, NM. (Keynote Speaker- John Bradshaw)