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I am an art therapist, clinical counselor, and life coach who helps people transform their pain and sorrow into joy, hope and healing.


A Feeling of great pleasure and happiness, delight.


A feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.


The process of making healthy again.

Are you tired of walking around anxious, depressed, disempowered?

Are you having a hard time loving yourself and engaging in healthy habits of self care?

Are there past events in your life that you’d like to move beyond?

Would you like to create healthier, more authentic relationships?

Consider working with me as your confidante, therapist, and coach to
help you move past your suffering into
a fuller, healthier, more creative life.

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My Process

Using a hybrid of therapy and coaching, I work with clients to create powerful processes designed to develop awareness, promote healing, facilitate action, and create lasting change.  My work helps people get unstuck by accessing creativity and heart wisdom, releasing emotional blockages, creating steps for better self care, developing techniques to manage anxiety and stress, and setting goals to obtain a healthier, happier existence.

The client is always empowered to set the focus of any given session, however, there is a natural timeline of the work that occurs when successful change happens.

The flow looks like this:

Defining the need

We determine what you desire to change and identify what is working and not working in your life.

Exploring the vision

We go through a process of determining what you want to create in your life in all areas including relationships, finances, career, personal development, social, recreational, spiritual, and physical.

Connecting with strengths & resources

We examine what your past and current strengths and resources are to help alleviate suffering and build more security, meaning, and purpose.

Doing the transformational work

We determine where the struggles are in your life that may require skill development, emotional release work, increased awareness, learning to love yourself, developing compassion and empathy for self, assertive communication skills to increase intimacy, etc.

Observing & monitoring the changes

We continuously check in on what’s working, and not working and modify the process as necessary.