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How Music Entered My Healing Project

How music entered my healing project:

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein

A Serendipitous Encounter with Music

An Unexpected Collaboration

On a snowy night, the magical touch of Michael Kott, a talented cellist from Santa Fe, graced our recording session in Jon Gagan’s studio. We were working on adding more texture to “Earth’s Lullaby,” a transformative song for module 3 of our course. The goal of both the song and the module was to foster connection with nature and support personal transformation.

Setting the Scene

As Michael settled into the studio, he requested that we dim the lights, leaving only a delicate string of Christmas lights to cast a soft glow. This simple yet enchanting setup marked the serene beginning of our collaborative journey. With the final musical notes lingering in the air, an eerie sensation crept over me, as if goosebumps were dancing across my skin. The darkness seemed to echo the theme of Earth’s birth from obscurity, creating a magical experience that affirmed the significance of pairing each course module with a musical piece.

Now, let me share the captivating story of how music became an integral part of this healing course project.

The Fusion of Music and Healing

The desire to create our transformative course was born out of a longing to share information with clients in a more streamlined and creative manner. I was tired of the traditional handouts and had encountered enough email attachment issues. It was time to find a more engaging and efficient way to deliver valuable content to a wider audience who could benefit from what my clients experience. A course, structured around the three-phase trauma model aimed at helping individuals find safety, express and release, and integrate healing, became a vessel for this endeavor.

Simultaneously, my return to a long-lost passion – music – opened unexpected doors. As we began conceptualizing the course, I made a personal life decision to return to my long lost passion, singing.  Lisa Carman, my vocal coach and a highly recommended guide for those seeking their voice, encouraged me to channel my thoughts and experiences into songs. These songs seemed to emerge from a celestial portal, and with the assistance of my pianist husband, the melodies and lyrics took tangible form. We realized this music could be a rich accompaniment to the three-phase trauma model. As the project progresses, it will culminate in 

A complete CD of healing songs, a testament to the unexpected gifts that creativity can bestow. 

This course is in no way a replacement for deep therapeutic work, but instead shares knowledge, skills, and explorations that support the transformative journey.

The Creative Process Unveiled

The process of creating this course and delving into songwriting became a fascinating exploration. The intricate art of recording, a realm previously foreign to me, unfolded under the guidance of my husband, a seasoned recording musician. Learning to use the microphone became an enlightening venture, unveiling its power to capture subtleties and nuances, transforming the spoken and sung word into an immersive experience. 

Our recording sessions, often held on spacious Saturday mornings, evolved into more than just a creative endeavor. They became cherished moments of connection and bonding, allowing us to share our passion for music and healing. I also made my husband take me out to lunch each week following our recording  at the “Tune Up” cafe, a neighborhood jewel near Jon Gagan’s recording studio. The process of creating became not only a voyage into the realm of creativity, but also a journey into our shared experiences and aspirations.

Embracing Collaborative Creation

A pivotal turn in our creative journey was the decision to invite other musicians to join us. On a snowy night, the enchantment of the atmosphere heightened the magic of collaborative creation. Karina Wilson, a talented violinist we’ve known since her teenage years, joined with her ethereal touch, adding a layer of beauty to a song centered on presence. Michael Kott followed next…You already know how that went.

Reflecting on the depths of the heart, this project became a testament to the profound emotional investment artists bring to their craft. Each note played and every harmony woven spoke to the commitment of these musicians, transcending the technicalities of recording. Their contributions delved into the soul of the project, adding layers of emotion, depth, and connection.

The Ongoing Musical Healing Odyssey

As we continue this musical healing odyssey, our first recording project remains a cherished chapter – a journey that exceeds the technicalities of recording, revealing the transformative power of collaborative creativity and the boundless depths of the heart.  

We’ve begun to share the music at conferences and spiritual gatherings and always come away fed by the energies of Source and the creative spirit. As we create and express, our healing continues…and we invite you to be a part of it.


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