Mining Inner Wisdom - Online Course w/ Carrie

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Connect With
Your Creativity

As a Powerful Resource For Healing

Explore interactive courses and therapy sessions with Carrie Ishee, a clinical counselor, art therapist, and certified coach specializing in somatic-based creative-expressive approaches to healing from trauma.

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Access Personal Imagery for Healing

Higher Self

Wisdom of Nature

Wisdom of the Heart

Are you...

Tired of walking around anxious, depressed, disempowered?

Struggling with engaging in healthy habits of self care?

Seeking to create healthier, more authentic relationships?

Looking to move past events in your life?

Meet Your Guide

clinical counselor, art therapist, and certified coach

How Carrie Can Help...

Online Courses

Mining Inner Wisdom : a journey of self exploration and creative expression.

Therapy & Coaching

Engage deep transformational healing work to restore health and wellness

Musical Journeys

Be inspired by music meant to activate awareness and inspire action.


Books and online resources to help support you on your healing journey.


Carrie guides you through ways to access more of your imagination and creative potential for healthy living.

Start by getting present and grounded in your life:

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