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“From Stretching to Soul Searching: How Meditation Transformed My Relationship with the Sacred”

“True meditation is stepping into the stillness that exists beyond thought – a realm where the mind becomes a tool rather than a master. In this sacred space, you discover the power to awaken, to be present, and to connect with the timeless essence of your being.” – Eckhart Tolle

“From Stretching to Soul Searching: How Meditation Transformed My Relationship with the Sacred”

In the quiet stillness of my first yoga class almost 40 years ago, I embarked on a journey that would reshape my perspective on spirituality, introducing me to the profound impact of meditation. I remember it like it happened yesterday.  Clad in a sleeveless green t-shirt and white shorts, I tentatively took my place on the mat, feeling a bit self-conscious. Little did I know that this class would be the catalyst for a spiritual awakening..

From Upward Prayers to Inner Stillness

Having grown up in a deeply religious household, my understanding of spiritual connection involved praying upward to celestial figures. The concept of turning inward, focusing on breath and stillness, felt rebellious and uncharted. The stretches during the class were invigorating, but it was the final segment that left an indelible mark on my soul.

Discovering the Divine Within: A Paradigm Shift

As the instructor guided us into a seated, cross-legged position, a hush fell over the room. In the ensuing silence, we were encouraged to turn our attention inward. It was during this unscripted moment that I experienced a revelation – a flame within me, a calming, light-filled presence that made me acutely aware of the divine residing within. 

Meditation: A Constant Companion for the Soul

This encounter became a turning point in my spiritual journey. It’s true that  spontaneous art allowed me to express and release internal emotions, helping me connect with my inner truth, but yoga and meditation took me deeper – unveiling the flame of life, love, and the sacred residing within. The practice of meditation became a constant companion, offering moments of stillness amidst the chaos of daily life.

As a regular meditator, I’ve found that it doesn’t require extensive periods of time. Rather, it serves as a tool for tuning in, getting centered, and hearing the sacred whispers within. Although my artistic endeavors still hold a central place in my heart, meditation has also become an integral part of my daily routine, complementing the creative process by providing a gateway to inner wisdom.

Meditation:  A Bridge Between the External and Internal

What sets meditation apart from my religious upbringing is its emphasis on turning inward rather than seeking external intervention. While prayer involves reaching out to higher powers, meditation involves a journey inward, a quiet exploration of the self. It has become a practice that not only transformed my life, but one that I now share with my clients, helping them quiet their minds, tap into their inner source, and access profound wisdom. Prayer and meditation are not in conflict; they can, in fact, heighten the impact of the other.

In essence, meditation has become the bridge between the external and internal realms, allowing me to navigate life’s challenges with newfound resilience and clarity. From that first yoga class to the present day, the flame within continues to illuminate my path, reminding me of the sacred sanctuary that resides within us all.


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