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About Carrie Ishee

Author, Speaker, Art Therapist. Workshop Facilitator. MENTAL HEALTH EDUCATOR.

Carrie's Story

Carrie T. Ishee is a licensed professional clinical counselor, licensed art therapist, professional certified coach, speaker, and award-winning author with a private practice in Santa Fe, NM. She specializes in somatic-based creative expressive approaches to healing.

Early in her career she studied Clinical Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University with a focus in Behavioral Medicine. She held clinical and research assistant positions at the Johns Hopkins University Hospital in the Department of Behavioral Pediatrics (post graduate internship at the Kennedy Institute), the University of Maryland Hospital Intensive Behavioral Management Program, and in the Department of Orthognathic Surgery at the Medical College of Virginia.

Over a period of ten years, Carrie served as an adjunct faculty member at Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM. The classes she taught included “Art Therapy in the Assessment and Treatment of Addictions,” “Art Therapy Techniques,” and “Internship Seminar.”

Carrie’s therapeutic work embraces a holistic paradigm recognizing body, mind, and spirit in the healing process, with a focus on helping abuse victims access their creativity to restore their sense of self and healthy nervous system functioning.

Carrie’s clinical specialties include trauma, substance abuse, sex and love addictions, mood disorders, anxiety, relationship issues, and adjustment disorders. She has worked in inpatient, intensive outpatient, and private practice settings. Drawing on her background as both a therapist and a coach, Carrie trained first responders in stress management and life balance skills for both the City of Santa Fe and the State of New Mexico.

Carrie’s own experience of healing from soul shattering trauma is documented in Seduced into Darkness: Transcending My Psychiatrist’s Sexual Abuse. Her memoir won first place in the 2021 Communications Contest for both the New Mexico Press Women and the National Federation of Press Women. As part of her healing, she took her abuser to court, won two legal battles, filed an ethics complaint with his professional licensing board, and testified before the Maryland General Assembly to petition for a bill to form a task force to study doctor-patient violations.

Carrie’s activism led CBS News “48 hours (with Dan Rather)” to profile her case on its national show before an audience of millions in 1993. Today she continues to serve as an advocate for other survivors of therapeutic exploitation and educates both the public and the profession on the dangers and process of the slippery slope of boundary violations.

Carrie feels honored to be a voice for hope and healing and is dedicated to informing the public about mental health, treatment options, overcoming abuse, and the great potential there is for transforming trauma through her authentic speaking engagements and course offerings.

About The Art

Since I was a little girl,

I knew, in my deepest being that I was an artist, but the confidence to create went underground once I began seeking external approval over self expression.  The wellsprings of creativity surfaced again decades later when recovering from a severe emotional and psychological trauma.  I was delighted to find that my spontaneous doodles conveyed more truth and wisdom than what my words could express.  Through layers of denial and self deception, vibrant images burst forth to grab my attention and give me relief.  I began to trust that as long as I could create, I could get through anything that life delivered. My fascination with how art heals led me to become a licensed art therapist and now I help others express and document their journey with images.  I  continually witness how the expression of images speeds up and deepens the therapeutic process.  I still engage in image making to declutter my psyche, express my feelings, and access the wisdom of my deepest self. The Featured Artwork shared on this site includes some of my own images as well as images created by others.

Press & Media

Interview with Richard Eeds – KTRC 1260

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Seduced into Darkness – A Virtual Program with Carrie Ishee

Ongoing – Life Healing Center Wellness Series – Finding your voice (this is not open to the public)

This workshop offers a safe space to access your authentic voice for deeper connection, daily direction, and purpose. Implementing these techniques will awaken a deeper understanding of our most connected intelligence.

November 9, 6-8 pm – Southwestern College Community Lecture Series

Please join adjunct faculty member and alumna, Carrie T. Ishee, as she discusses her award winning memoir Seduced into Darkness: Transcending my Psychiatrist’s Sexual Abuse. Carrie will share her story of soul shattering betrayal by the therapist she hired in college. Taking legal and ethical action against her doctor, educating the public on such abuse, and finding her voice through art and music allowed Carrie to become a healer who now guides others through underworld journeys. A discussion on the slippery slope of therapeutic boundary violations, the effects of such trauma on victims, and therapeutic recommendations for working with those betrayed by trusted authorities will follow.

October 27, 2021 at 1 pm MST – FB Live with Jess Clark, Solace Treatment Center – Santa Fe, NM

Jess Clark interviews Carrie about her book and the social advocacy she is doing around power abuse

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October 1, 2021 – FB Live with Dr. Patti Ashley

Dr. Patti Ashley, shame expert, interviews Carrie on how she healed her trauma and shame from being abused by her psychiatrist.

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August 19, 2021 – The Last Word Interview with Carly Newfield – KSFR Radio

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February 2, 2021 – Interview with Carol the Coach Carrie shares about her book on Strength, Hope, and Recovery Network with Carol Sheets Jorgensen

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February 19, 2021 – Integrated Life Center Interview – Transcending My Psychiatrist’s Sexual Abuse with Carrie Ishee 6,

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November 19, 2020 – Zoom Book Launch Due to COVID Carrie launches her book on zoom and reads vignettes from her book to participants around the country.

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October 7, 2019 – Trauma can be a powerful Catalyst – Dare to Be Authentic Radio with Mari Mitchell – a podcast interview with Carrie T. Ishee about her book

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