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According to a U.S. Census Bureau Survey, nearly one third of adults (32.3%) Reported symptoms of anxiety and depression in 2023.

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Meet Carrie Ishee: Your Compassionate Guide & Mentor

Carrie T. Ishee, M.A., LPCC, LPAT, ATR, PCC is an Art Therapist, Counselor, & Coach of 30 years who has helped over a thousand people throughout her career. Carrie empowers you to break through barriers and embrace transformation.

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After years of being in therapy I finally embraced art making. It loosened up buried fears, thoughts and dreams...I continue to be grateful for Carrie's assistance in this realm of healing for me.

It has meant the world to me to do art again. Today I am coming home to myself, my true self. I am forever grateful for the gift that was inside me all along.

I felt the use of specifically curated music with guided visualizations made it easy to drop inward and connect and it was easy to lose myself in the artmaking...I plan to continue to reflect on what I created.

How wonderful to include music with art to enhance healing...

"Presence" New Mexico Music Awards Finalist

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